Community Reach Center of Adams CountyMany healthcare organizations are still using manual processes to manage patient information. Manual processes produce physical records that are time-consuming and costly for staff to manage. Having to store and navigate through thousands of physical documents can make responding to patient information requests a much more tedious then it needed to be, taking away from patient care.

The Community Reach Center of Adams County provides counseling and mental health services to a wide variety of people across the Denver, Colorado area. The center receives visits from thousands of patients annually, all of which receive a paper chart on their first visit, causing records to rapidly pile up, and overwhelming staff. Physical records were stored across six different locations. If a clinician, physician or therapist requested to see a medical chart, the records department would have to physically locate the document, send a staff member to the correct site to retrieve the chart, then mail the chart to the appropriate location. A process that should take seconds was taking staff hours and even days to complete. Staff knew they had to find a solution that would allow them to focus more time on patients and less time on record retrieval.

Medical records staff worked with Digitech Systems reseller, Integrated Document Systems, to build an electronic solution. They chose to implement PaperFlow, to automatically route scanned records into PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise document management system, to manage medical records. Then hundreds of administrative staff were trained on the system in just a couple of days providing almost instant benefits to staff. Now, the staff is able to manage all their records in one secure location, they have regained hours of productivity a month, and save thousands of dollars annually.

"The system works great! Anytime you can set it and forget it, it’s a beautiful thing!"

– Greg Stanton, IT Director, Community Reach Center