Document Imaging of the Southwest LogoFounded in 2003, Document Imaging of the Southwest (DISW) started as a small scanning bureau helping customers digitize paper files. However, with little experience in the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) and technology industries, they soon realized they needed to partner with a business that offered a complete information management suite to meet the needs of their customers. They were excited to find out that Digitech Systems was willing to work with them to provide the training and sales support they would need to get started in the document management industry.

Currently, they are using PaperVision® Capture in-house to scan and digitize their client’s files. PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise document management solution, and ImageSilo®, a cloud-based document management solution, are used for the storage and retrieval of client files. Thanks to the Digitech Systems Product suite, they can scan client projects more quickly and have doubled their annual revenue.

Since becoming a Digitech Systems reseller in 2006, DISW has established themselves as experts in ECM technology and the industry. They have also expanded their offerings to include not only cloud and on-premise document management, but also workflow and automation capabilities. This has helped them keep up with the evolving needs of their customers, increase revenue, and grow their business.

Read this reseller story to learn about the benefits DISW has achieved as a Digitech Systems reseller such as:

  • Increased revenue by 55% since becoming a reseller.
  • Stabilized cash flow with shorter sales cycles and recurring revenue.
  • Streamlined scanning processes by 40% despite scanning millions of pages annually.
  • Served as a one-stop-shop for digitization, automation, and information management needs.

"We love PaperVision Capture! Our staff size varies based on projects, and being able to have remotely employees improves our efficiency so much. It doesn't matter where they are, if we need them, they can just login and get to work. We never have to stop the scanners, and project turnaround time has improved by 40%!"

- Tsenre Deveraux, CFO and Director of Production, Document Imaging of the Southwest

How can you help your customers meet their information management needs now and in the future by offering process automation and digitization to customers help your business increase revenue and grow your customer base? Learn how by reading the DISW reseller story!

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