Many companies are interested in digital transformation for their business, because better access to and use of information offers lots of great benefits. If you’re feeling stuck in your digital transformation efforts however, you’re not alone!

“Digital Transformation” gets tossed around by a lot of software manufacturers. The term can be hard to understand, because different companies mean different things when they say it. We believe business transformation starts with the capture and organization of information—regardless of where it’s found or what format it is in. Once your organization is digitized and organized, then you’ll really find value in efforts to automate processes and leverage analytics for better business decisions.

Read this whitepaper to explore the critical role that intelligent capture plays in enabling digital transformation. You’ll find lots of useful statistics and definitions to help you better understand these technologies. Best of all, you’ll also read stories about companies who’ve seen massive benefits from their own digitization efforts that will give you a feel for what to do and how to get started on your own digital transformation journeys.

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