Many insurance organizations today still use manual processes to handle sensitive customer information. This can leave data at risk of exposure to theft or loss and can leave an organization open to fines for being noncompliant with federal regulations like the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA).

Teague Financial Insurance Services has grown into a leading independent agency for medical and dental insurance, employee benefits and financial services in California. However, they were becoming increasingly frustrated with their paper-based filing system. Retrieving, copying and sending files was time-consuming. Plus, federal regulations, like HIPAA requires customer information to be secured at all times. Staff knew it was time to look for a system that would help them manage their records better.

Staff found their solution through Digitech Systems reseller, Docusure. They decided to implement ImageSilo®, a cloud-based document management system, to electronically manage their records. Now, staff can run through applications faster which has allowed them to improve productivity and has saved them thousands of dollars annually.

"In insurance, the price is fixed. It’s the service that distinguishes one company from the next. ImageSilo saves us hundreds of labor hours and thousands of dollars each year, allowing us to better serve customers and grow our business without hiring more administrative personnel."

– Jean Strouf, President, Teague Financial Insurance Services