Today, many education organizations are still using paper to manage student registration. Paper processes are often inefficient and highly laborious on staff. The physical space and time lost from having to process paper often cause organizations to feel overwhelmed.

Texans Can Academies is dedicated to providing a high school level education to students seeking a non-traditional experience. All Texans Can campuses handled student registration on paper, making registration a time-consuming task for both students and staff. Managing student records on paper mean the records must be physically stored. This meant as student enrollment grew, so did the need for physical paper storage. The overwhelming amount of paper records also made requests for information a very time-consuming task. It would often take days for staff to respond to student requests for transcripts or other information. Texans Can knew there had to be a more efficient way to manage student registration.

Texans Can Academies found their solution through Digitech Systems reseller, CASO. They chose to implement PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise document management system because it allowed them to digitize and securely manage student records in-house. Now, student registration is handled 100% online, making the entire process much more efficient and allowing students to get into the classroom immediately. Staff is also able to respond to requests in minutes rather than days. The space saved from eliminating paper storage has given Texans Can extra space for what is most important, the students.

"Thanks to the over $1 million dollars we have saved with PaperVision Enterprise, we are able to hire more teachers, and now we actually have the classroom space for them!"

- Fernando Marino, Director of Business Solutions, Texans Can Academies