How much happier could you be with the right technology?

Love is a powerful word we use to demonstrate our strongest feelings. It’s hard to believe humans can use such a word when talking about technology but we do. Over the past two weeks, we have shared stories about the people who use our PaperVision® Suite of software and services, including:

You read about how these products impacted the day-to-day work environment for these individuals, resulting in significant business improvements. As a result, our customers were not shy about sharing with you how much they love our products and services.

The feeling is mutual! We love our customers and care about their time, well-being, and success.

We appreciate customers’ time

Time is humans’ most precious resource. We want you to spend your time on the people and activities you value the most. In developing products and services such as PaperVision® Capture and PaperVision® Forms Magic™, we strive to free your time by saving you hours spent processing information manually. We all love getting things done with a press of a button.

With ImageSilo® and PaperVision® Enterprise, you can rest assured that you can find Any Document. Anytime. Anywhere® with ease. More than that, the PaperVision suite keeps you up to date with government regulations such as the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA). Our software and systems protect you from multiple liabilities and save you the hassle of looking for documents that need to be updated or deleted.

We care about your well-being

We know that managing information for your organization can be a daunting task and often distracts you from your primary goals. We help simplify your daily work life through stress-free content management. We offer software and services that give you access to any business document, from any geographic location, at any time on any day. You can get what you need on virtually any technology device.

If a problem arises, our US-based customer service and technical support is here to help. Our Legendary Technical Support team has always prided itself on resolving any issue you may have. On average, it takes us only 9 seconds to answer your call with a live person and 9 minutes to answer your question!

In addition, our cloud services are incredibly reliable. Our customers enjoy 99.9973% uptime. That way you can rest assured that your documents are always available and safe.

With remote work and hybrid (part-time remote) work becoming a norm in the business world, organizations need Enterprise Content Management (ECM) to help employees securely access information and collaborate from anywhere. With the PaperVision suite, you can improve your work environment, increase employee engagement and save money by providing secure, effective tools for employees working from anywhere.

We care about your success

For all our customers, no matter whether the goal was to reduce information management costs, improve security while working from home, automate processes, move critical systems into the cloud, or something else, we’re proud to help with information management objectives. Two examples:

  • Woodstock Hospital was awarded with the Technology ROI Award for its implementation of PaperVision Enterprise and PaperFlow™. This award recognizes companies whose skillful deployment of IT solutions has produced a positive, bottom-line financial return on investment (ROI). The result? The final analysis shows 258% ROI with full project payback in just three months.
  • Thanks to PaperVision Enterprise and PaperVision Capture, Bruce Randolph Federal Credit Union reduced document retrieval times have dramatically increased member satisfaction. Also, PaperVision Enterprise has increased morale by giving employees the ability to provide fast service to the credit union members.

It’s all about the love

Thanks for letting us be a part of your company’s technology story. We’re proud to offer products and services that change lives and support business success! If you don’t love your office technology, give us a call at 866-374-3569 or visit us online at Learn how you can become the next in a long line of companies who love our information management technologies.

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