Missing out on the benefits of AI-aided data extraction and forms processing?

Think of the many shortfalls of manual accounts payable processing. Hand-keying errors. Missed deadlines. High costs. Here is another to add to the list: workplace disruptions like those that took place with COVID-19.

In the case of CASO Document Management, the New York City, NY, company and its customers faced a potentially major pandemic disruption when a key vendor – one responsible for manual data-entry support — announced it was closing for good. Fortunately, the situation turned positive when CASO moved the work in-house using PaperVision® Forms Magic data extraction and forms processing.

Described by one analyst as “like facial recognition for documents,” Forms Magic is an optional add-on to PaperVision® Capture that classifies documents and indexes key data for use in your information management system and business software applications. With Forms Magic, CASO was able to keep its work going uninterrupted. The company also reported lower costs, faster order completion, fewer mistakes and seamless integration with customers’ business applications.

The positive response from customers and the company’s own employees has since led CASO to elevate Forms Magic in its overall marketing. “I saw the customer’s response about the solution and I thought about the solution itself and I said, ‘This makes a lot of sense,’ ” CASO Owner and President Richard Tamaro says of the heavier promotional focus on Forms Magic.

Read this CASO reseller story to learn how easy, cost-effective Forms Magic is benefitting information management technology resellers and their customers by providing an AI-assisted tool for data extraction and forms processing.

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