Who We Are

Values, People and Products You Can Trust


We desire to create for all stakeholders a safe, prosperous, wildly successful, value-based organization by offering affordable electronic document management solutions giving customers the ability to get any document, anywhere, anytime.®


Our mission is to create a competitive advantage for our customers by delivering value-priced, easy-to-use, feature rich, architecturally flexible document management software and services supported by legendary customer service.


In the mid-1990s, content management systems were prohibitively expensive, complex and built with proprietary technologies. Scott Matthews knew, “It didn’t have to be so hard, and it didn’t have to cost so much,” so he set out to prove it! Scott’s goal was to develop and market document imaging and retrieval software that would revolutionize the industry.

Armed with this philosophy, Scott founded Digitech Systems in July of 1997 and built software that offers affordable Enterprise Content Management (ECM) systems to organizations of any size. These products provide unprecedented ease-of-use and architectural flexibility, while balancing fully featured products with a sensible price/performance ratio and legendary customer service.

As the founder and Chief Technology Officer Scott and his talented and experienced Development Team did not stop with just document capture and retrieval software. Digitech Systems offers a comprehensive ECM product suite that enables businesses to more effectively manage and extract information of any kind—from simple paper documents to complex forms—either on-premise or in a cloud environment.

Through software and services that deliver any document, anywhere, anytime, Digitech Systems continues to bring all the benefits of ECM to small, medium and large organizations, create competitive advantage for customers, and achieve success by means of which we can be proud.

Our Foundation

Building on our products standards for excellence, Digitech Systems implemented “The Digitech Systems Foundation,” a set of goals and values that continue to act as a code of conduct and govern how we do business. These guiding principles, based upon Proverbs 16:8, are proudly displayed and discussed in our offices, on the website and in many of our promotional and marketing materials.


Read about our attributes of success that serve as a code of conduct and guide for our employees in their personal and career development.

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Explore Digitech Systems’ goals and values that define how we, as a company and individually, interact with all stakeholders on a daily basis.

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Every product we have starts with these key qualities: Ease-of-use, architectural flexibility, feature functionality, and price performance.

What Are the Big Four?

The Big Four are the competitive, valuable components of every Digitech Systems’ product, system, feature, and service.

1. Ease-of-Use

We turn the complexity of ECM into a friendly user interface, so when you sit down with our products, you won’t have a gigantic learning curve.

2. Architectural Flexibility

Integrate easily with virtually any line-of-business (LOB) application and scale to accommodate any amount of data and any number of users.

3. Feature Functionality

Solve any problem and achieve any goal; our entire product suite is at your fingertips and can be customized to your unique situation.

4. Price/Performance

We are passionate about what we do, and we believe you should receive quality, high-performing products and services at fair prices.

Our Partners

Digitech Systems works with a variety of hardware and software partners to bring seamless solutions to customers in a wide variety of industries.

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Sustainable Information Management

Digitech Systems is proud to offer Sustainable Technology products that support the environment, helping you to create less paper waste, lower your energy consumption and reduce vehicle emissions through remote work.