The company explains how they reached this milestone anniversary

Greenwood Village, CO –July 25, 2022 –Digitech Systems celebrates the 25th anniversary of the founding of the company today. In an era when about 20% of startups fail to reach the one year milestone and only one in two reach five years, a twenty-fifth anniversary is a significant accomplishment.[1]

How did they do it?

  • Product Innovation: Products that work when implemented to solve real customer problems while offering a significant rate of return.
  • Security Focus: Every year, cyber security threats increase, but Digitech Systems continues to protect data for thousands of companies.
  • Values Foundation: People, products, and values lead to a unique and rewarding company culture that supports long-tenured leadership and steady growth.

Product Innovation: First to Cloud & First to AI

Any technology company that lasts has to innovate and consistently provide superior products to stay ahead. Digitech Systems lead the world into the cloud, launching their first cloud service, ImageSilo® in 1999—more than a decade before most other tech companies recognized and copied the delivery model. Today, “we have thousands of organizations that have been with us for decades managing information in the cloud using ImageSilo,” explains Scott Matthews, company founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO). In 2016, the company brought artificial intelligence (AI) to the information management market with the launch of PaperVision® Forms Magic. The product uses Digitech Systems’ own, patented AI algorithms to eliminate manual data entry and document sorting for thousands of users around the world.

Technology innovation leads to recognition, and Digitech Systems is no stranger to product awards. Here’s a summary of just a few of the “best of” recognitions the company and their products have won during their 25 year history.

Monomaniacal Focus on Security

We live in an era where data security risks grow every year, and technology companies that don’t prioritize the protection of information don’t last long. At Digitech Systems, our core development philosophies prioritize preserving information, keeping it secure, and making it accessible to individuals who have the right security clearances to work with it. Before we think about the features and functionality of our information management suite of products, we focus on cyber security for our customers.

“Security has been built into our services since day one,” explains Matthews. “Everything begins with a focus on security. From the bottom up, our software development process is based on protecting the security of our customers’ data and ensuring that users can only do what they’ve been granted access to do with it.”

Leadership From the Heart

Long-lasting companies are grounded in culture. Digitech Systems People, Products, and Values Foundation has provided an anchor in good economic times and bad. During tough economies, culture keeps people motivated and optimistic about the company’s future. During good times, culture grounds folks to remind them of who they are and what they’re trying to accomplish. Regardless of external conditions, a good corporate culture unites people behind common goals and brings their hearts into their work. It’s a powerful force for good and for good results.

In addition, stability in senior leadership roles has brought consistency to the business. Each of the three primary executives, Scott Matthews – Founder & Chief Technology Officer, HK Bain – Chief Executive Officer, and John Gabriel – Chief Finance and Operations Officer, have been with the company for at least twenty years. In middle management, all but one of the department heads have at least ten years of tenure with the organization. Working together for so long, has resulted in deep bonds of trust and friendship that allow leaders to disagree respectfully and communicate openly without putting relationships or the company at risk.

“We’re pleased to reach this milestone and express our gratitude to all our stakeholders, including the Associates, distribution partners, and customers who have worked alongside us over the decades. Twenty-five years is an exciting achievement, but we won’t rest here. We’re looking forward to more years of product innovation as we continue to help customers with their information management and security needs. Most important of all, we’re committed to values that will lead us to be proud of the way we accomplish our goals. The best is yet to come!” said Bain.

Want to learn more about Digitech Systems twenty-five year journey? Visit the about us page on our corporate website for an interview with our CEO, a business summary, and an interactive timeline of achievements and milestones.

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