Automation is the future of business. Every process in your organization should be audited and critically broken down to see where you can save time and money by automating manual tasks. The most common manual processes we typically talk about include processing invoices, onboarding new employees, and digitizing paper documents. However, in this post, we want to focus on automating mail processes with the Digital Mailroom.

Digital Mailrooms enable organizations to use document scanning to digitize incoming paper-based mail and upload it to a document management application, like ImageSilo® or PaperVision® Enterprise. From there, you can intelligently manage your documents and mail/email communications electronically, giving you quick, easy, secure access to any document, anywhere, anytime.

Switching to an electronic document management system to handle your mail and business documents will benefit your organization by:

  1. Enabling remote work – by digitizing your documents and automating processes, you can quickly, efficiently, and securely access and share your information in the cloud, making remote collaboration a lot easier on your team.
  2. Automate processes – once your information is loaded into a document management solution, you can easily automate processes by automatically launching workflows and work steps based on certain types of documents.
  3. Save money – with the time and productivity saved on manual processes alone, you’ll be able to recognize benefits to your annual budget.

For more information on the Digital Mailroom and how it can benefit your organization, download this easy-to-read two-page brief.


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