This case study tells the story of Edwards, Mooney, and Moses’s paper-strained business processes, and how the large, Ohio-based construction company implemented a solution that would help them process thousands of work orders every month. Between a paper system of record and a gigantic hard drive, their project documents were inefficiently organized, and retrieving files was time-consuming. With the help of Fireproof Records Center, Edwards, Mooney, and Moses were able to implement ImageSilo® and PaperVision® Capture to start a secure and accessible cloud storage system and revamp their document scanning.

Implementing these solutions allowed Edward, Mooney, and Moses to scan, classify, extract data from, and store hundreds of massive project files. Particularly, PaperVision Capture’s ‘match and merge’ feature saved them tremendous time and money! Reading through this case study, you can find more specific benefits that Edwards, Mooney, and Moses recognizes, such as:

  • Reduced project packaging times from days to a few hours
  • Eliminated hand-keyed indexes, which completely improved information accuracy
  • Saved up-front costs with no implementation fee
  • Set up the entire system quickly and easily trained staff

Are paper-strained business processes causing your office grief? Download and check out Edwards, Mooney, and Moses’s case study to learn more about their story and how you could implement a similar solution!

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