The purpose of the District Clerk is to record and preserve the acts and preceding of the district court. In addition to recording occurrences during the actual trial, the clerk must also keep an index of the parties involved in lawsuits filed in the court and make reference to any judgment made in the case. Many district clerk offices still use physical and manual processes to manage their records. Managing district records physically makes record retrieval a daunting, time-consuming task.

As the Kerr County District Clerk, Linda Uecker was tasked with managing and maintaining more than a million records. Since records were physically stored, mostly on microfilm, managing the records and ensuring the public had secure access was a difficult task. When a community member would request official documents, employees would have to locate the correct microfilm role, they would have to search thousands of images and it would take hours for staff to complete. Not only were their current processes costly and inefficient, Uecker knew that with the growing population of Kerr County, this problem was also only going to get worse, so she began looking for a reliable records solution.

Uecker found her solution through Digitech Systems reseller, CASO. She decided to implement PaperVision Enterprise®, an on-premise document management system, to electronically and securely manage their court records. Now her staff can quickly locate and print records in seconds, increasing productivity, improving customer service, and saving thousands of dollars annually.

"PaperVision Enterprise is so intuitive that we don’t have to train the public to search and retrieve records. They can just come in and help themselves. It’s easier than the public library, because the document pops up right there on the screen."

- Linda Uecker, District Clerk, Kerr County, Texas