Delivering the highest-standard of medical care to a population of 55,000 people in Woodstock, Ontario, Woodstock Hospital started upgrading and expanding into a state-of-the art institution. Although various services and centers were added to their patient care, their paper-based patient records management did not easily adapt with the upgrade. Physically stored paper records had to be retrieved by hand for emergency patients, adding on significant hours to physician decision making.

After noting this technology gap in Woodstock Hospital’s records management, Kathy Lavelle, former Director of Health Records and current CFO, expanded the hospital’s use of PaperVision® Enterprise to advance records storage, and added PaperFlowTM to handle their in-house scanning needs. This case study highlights the hospital’s success after implementing this more efficient records management solution with the help of Digitech Systems reseller Polar Imaging, Inc. For example, the hospital:

  • Saved close to half a million dollars each year in staffing, offsite scanning, and office supply costs
  • Reduced Records Department staff to less than half, leading to tremendous savings
  • Increased efficiency throughout the hospital, which reduced patient wait times

Want to learn more about how this Canadian hospital was able to save money while saving lives? Check out this case study to read their inspiring ‘going paperless’ story!

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