Technology can help healthcare providers improve practice efficiency and stay focused on patient care and results. Find out how Digitech Systems leverages artificial intelligence to assist doctors with medical records challenges.

Do you like your doctor? Turns out 96% of us trust their medical skills, but hate the customer service they provide! ECM can streamline patient care and improve customer service by bridging the gap between paper records and an EMR. At MHCD, they’re saving more than $225,000 annually thanks to the practice efficiencies created by their ECM and EHR combo.

Did you know 96% of patient complaints are about customer service? Find out how better access to records can improve patient care in this article by our CEO.

What are the most effective ways to reduce waste in healthcare? Our own CEO, HK Bain, weighs in on the discussion. Find out just how much those older paper records are costing you.

How Can Automation Improve Processes For Healthcare Organizations?

By automating processes Surgery Center Cedar Rapids has increased efficiency by cutting their retrieval time, gained control by storing their records electronically, and saved money on archiving, scanning, and storage fees.

Did you know that your EMR is only one piece of a larger record management puzzle? Find out how to improve the quality of patient care and ease your health records transition with ECM.

Is Navigating Through Your Electronic Health Records System Painful?

Adding an Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system can help you bring the technology gap the EHR may have left you with.

Is Your Healthcare Organization Suffering From a Technology Gap?

The Human Development Center moved away from paper charts gracefully with ImageSilo®. Today, the center locates documents two weeks faster and saves thousands of dollars in the process each year!

Electronic Health Records (EHR) are incomplete without historic, paper-based patient files. Find out how ECM can help link paper-based information into an EHR application to improve the quality of care for your patients.

Many EHR systems do not easily integrate information from older, paper-based records, yet most healthcare organizations have decades of older records. The information in these older records is essential for physicians trying to diagnose and treat patients. Find out how Rockland Eye Clinic uses the ECM system called PaperVision® Enterprise in conjunction with their EHR to improve patient care.