Is Paper Getting in The Way at Your Organization?

By using PaperFlow, you can easily and affordably manage critical business information.

Would Your Business Like to Increase Revenue and Your Produtivity?

By offering the Digitech Systems product suite, Records Consultants Inc. was able to drastically increase overall productivity and grow revenue by $200,000 just a couple of months after becoming a partner.

What if You Could Convert All Your Paper Records to Electronic Files?

Digitech Systems announces a return to their roots with the launch of a brand new PaperFlow scanning application.

What if You Could Build A Business With Only One Product Suite?

APYXX is able to build a successful business through only offering Digitech Systems products, avoiding sign-on fees, upfront investments and training costs associated with selling additional products.

How Can Digitech Systems Help You Grow Your Revenue?

Databank IMX gained at least $10 million dollars in new revenue as a Digitech Systems Partner.

Is You Healthcare Organization Compliant with HIPAA?

Automating processes have helped the Children’s Hospital of New Orleans reduce document retrieval times from minutes down to seconds!

How Can Your Medical Organization Streamline Processes?

The Baton Rouge Emergency Medical Services (EMS) department moved files into a single electronic system with PaperVision® Enterprise, saving hours of productivity and freeing up space.

Is Your Organization Looking For Repeat Business and Short Sales Cycles?

As a Digitech Systems partner, Document Management Solutions was able to streamline sales cycles and increase recurring revenue.

How Does Electronically Managing Documents Boost Staff Productivity?

With PaperVision Enterprise®, Federal White Cement reduces document retrieval times from hours to seconds and improves operating efficiency.

Why Should Your Organization Offer Nonproprietary Products?

By partnering with Digitech Systems to offer a non-proprietary product suite, Fort Docs is able to grow their business and increase revenue by 500%!