What if Your Hotel Could Improve Daily Reporting by Automating Processes?

How would your hotel benefit if you could automate nightly reporting processes? In the hospitality industry, paper-based reporting is very common. Nightly reporting traditionally involves printing off hundreds of pages of reports per property, resulting in thousands of pages of printed reports annually. Streamlining reporting processes by introducing intelligent automation can dramatically improve how a hotel functions on a daily basis. See how this hotel management company was able to save themselves a ton of cash.

Commonwealth Hotels, LLC manages over 40 properties and as you can imagine, prints tons of paper! Over time, this paper piles up, audits become difficult, and storage space becomes scarce. Andy Ashmore, Accounting Supervisor decided it was time to be done with all that paper and went looking for a solution.

Ashmore chose myDigitalOffice, a Digitech Systems reseller to automate their manual processes and save money. “Before I was doing all the work, but now thanks to ImageSilo® and the custom modules myDigitalOffice built, it just happens automatically—saving me tons of time,” said Ashmore.

How will automating processes improve your hotel’s daily reporting? Read the full story to find out!

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