Go Green with ECM

How can being good to the environment also save you some green?

How does Enterprise Content Management (ECM) advance your organization’s efforts on sustainability and environmental friendliness? The sustainability benefits of digitization and enterprise content management are significant. With ECM you can:

  • Reduce CO Emissions

    Cut back on employee commutes with ECM-enabled remote work

  • Use less paper

    Save 1 tree for every 17 reams of office paper not used

  • Save money

    Cut costs by streamlining operations while helping the environment.

Are you looking for ways to add environmental protections and sustainability into your business plan? The environmental benefits of Enterprise Content Management are many. In addition to saving paper, the technology lets you offer effective remote work, which reduces employee commutes and the resulting smog from vehicle emissions. Learn about these and many other benefits of ECM – including how it saves money – by visiting our ECM features.

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How Digitech Systems helps organizations further their sustainability efforts

Digitech Systems products such as PaperVision®.com and ImageSilo® help companies of any size achieve their environmental friendliness and sustainability goals while also cutting operational costs. The cloud-based systems are flexible tools to securely collect, organize and manage Any Document, Anywhere, Anytime®. Easy to use from even a smartphone, the systems also enable automated business processes with preconfigured workflow tasks.

PaperVision®.com contributes to our efforts to use resources wisely on the business side, in addition to our support for sustainable fishing. … I wish everyone could see where we were then and where we are now.”

– Sherri Willand, Accounts Receivable Administrator.

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“The money savings of running a business without paper is incredible. By not printing 1.29 million pages a year, at 5 cents per page, we are saving over $64,000 in printing costs alone.”

– Ginger Heckman, Manager of Business Development.

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“We were officially certified as an environmentally friendly manufacturing company thanks to ImageSilo®."

– Nye Hornor, Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

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Reduce smog

ECM-enabled remote work can make significant improvements in the air quality of large cities. In addition to work from home, ECM allows employers and employees to work securely and effectively from small cities and rural areas. It also reduces the need for document hauling and deliveries

Use less paper

By conserving paper, you’ll save on trees and landfill waste, lower your carbon footprint and earn the appreciation of customers and employees who place a high value on sustainability initiatives. You’ll spare 1 tree for every 17 reams of office paper you do not use

Lower greenhouse gas emissions

Globally, digitization and enterprise content management are helping reduce CO2 vehicle emissions. Less air travel is needed as more information gets exchanged digitally. Also, car and truck traffic is reduced due to fewer daily work commutes and less document hauling and delivery

Qualify for industry certifications and awards

Digitization and enterprise content management are qualifying sustainability practices for many kinds of industry certifications and awards. In 2011, Connecticut’s governor signed a statewide green technology law at ImageSilo user Bigelow Tea in recognition of the company’s environmental commitment

Better compete for public funding

Don't miss out on government funding. Federal economic stimulus legislation passed in recent years sets aside hundreds of millions of dollars for sustainable companies

Check a major box on your sustainability goals

Are you one the growing number of companies looking for ways to demonstrate sustainability and environmental friendliness? ECM accomplishes that while improving your overall business operations and saving you money through enabling fast, secure access to information from anywhere at any time

Go green and save green!

Interest is growing in the cost-saving environmental benefits of ECM tools such as digitization, intelligent automated workflow and record sharing. Since 1997, Digitech Systems has proudly led in the effort to provide fast, secure access to Any Document, Anywhere, Anytime®. Learn more about how companies are achieving their environmental goals with our products:


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