Isodore NewmanStudent records are the lifeblood of education institutions. If a school lost records it would be devastating to both staff and students. Ensuring that records are safe from potential disasters is no longer a luxury for schools, but a must. If a school is still handling their files manually they are more likely to lose valuable files if a disaster struck. A natural disaster can strike at any time, so ensure your records are protected by securely managing records in the cloud.

The Isidore Newman School is a private school in New Orleans, LA that provides education to over a thousand students. Frequent storms meant the school would face blackouts and power interruptions. The frequency of these occurrences was starting to make staff question if their paper records would be secure if a disaster struck. Staff wanted a system that would let them securely store records in a single, electronic system. Later that month, Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans, LA, completely devastating their school as well as many of other organizations across the area.

Thankfully, school staff worked with Digitech Systems reseller, Apyxx Technologies, and their records were safely protected in ImageSilo®, a cloud-based document management system. Staff estimates that they were able to collect and enter approximately 99% of the necessary student records before the school closed. After the storm, one staff member specifically was able to securely access student records using his laptop. This allowed him to send student records immediately so the students could begin the enrollment process at their new schools.

"A disaster can happen to anybody, anyplace. It is a terrible tragedy, but ImageSilo is making it easier by allowing us to provide our students with the critical information they need for them to continue to live life as normally as possible. They are enrolling in schools around the country without any hassle. It has worked out tremendously well."

- Michael Roppolo, Director of Health Services, Isidore Newman School