Most organizations think they have paper under control, and they’re not overspending to manage information. They should look again. The price of the paper itself is only one part of the equation. Other paper-related costs include storage, copying, printing, postage, disposal and recycling. Still more costs come when important information is trapped in paper documents or scattered digitally across corporate networks. Businesses lose the ability to quickly and easily find the information they need.

PaperVision® Capture enables complete automation of information capture and allows users to create a digital workflow quickly and efficiently. The capture technology makes information management easier and less expensive even as the amount of information to be processed is constantly increasing.

PaperVision Capture is the right choice for businesses of all shapes and sizes, because it is highly customizable. In addition, it can centralize digitization while ensuring the accuracy of your information. PaperVision Capture makes sure you are collecting the data you need to maximize the productivity of your entire organization.

With this helpful infographic, you will learn:

    • How you can automate information capture for your organization
    • How you can improve efficiency and reduce document processing costs.
    • How PaperVision Capture helps you begin your digital transformation and manage your business information electronically.
    • How to route document data anywhere.

Download the PaperVision Capture infographic and start your digital transformation today.

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