We've posted quite a bit about RPA in the past, but wanted to provide Robotic Process Automation: In Brief to give you a quick overview of what it is and what it can do. 

RPA is the automation of rules-based, repetitive processes (like data entry or sharing information between applications) using an electronic user, or "bot", that logs in and performs tasks, day or night. The applications are endless, especially in Accounts Payable and Human Resources departments. Can you imagine how long it takes to manually input invoices into an accounting application? After performing manual tasks all day, there is little time for more rewarding and strategic tasks that move businesses forward.

RPA alleviates the pain of spending your day performing costly and inefficient processes. In this brief, you'll also learn:

  • A brief explanation of RPA
  • Why you need RPA in your business
  • An example of a use case for RPA with, you guessed it, an invoice!
  • Products that can help

79% of organizations realize that they must transform into true digital businesses in order to survive. As the currency that fuels and funds the journey, information is an organization’s most valuable asset.

Download Robotic Process Automation: In Brief to start learning about RPA, and don't forget to check below for some related resources on RPA, how it works, and how we can help.

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