How Might Robotics Help Transform Your Business Processes?

Want to learn more about Robotic Process Automation (RPA)? Perhaps you’ve been wondering how RPA is similar to Business Process Automation (BPA) or even Intelligent Automation (IA). In lieu of writing an RPA course, certification, or training on the topic, we’ve compiled some of the best information available today from leading industry experts and analysts into this simple ebook.

In this quick read, you’ll find information on each of the following RPA 101 topics:

  • What is RPA? And how can you distinguish RPA from BPA and IA?
  • Should you be using RPA? Or perhaps IA is a better fit for your process.
  • Will RPA eliminate jobs? The analyst and survey results may surprise you.
  • Who is using RPA and what problems can RPA solve?

BONUS: You’ll get three stories from real companies generating significant savings through automation.

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