ADMHCGovernment regulations require healthcare organizations to have Electronic Health Records (EHR) systems in place that are dedicated to securely managing and providing access to critical patient information. Despite having these systems in place, many healthcare organizations are still dependent on paper-based systems to manage documents. These manual processes are time-consuming and costly for records management departments.

The AllHealth Network provides mental health care to thousands of patients a year through multiple locations across the Denver, Colorado region. Despite having an existing EHR system that proved to be highly effective, administrative staff was still using paper and manual steps to process ancillary documents and clinical records that required signatures. Manual processes were drastically affecting staff productivity due to slow approval processes. It would sometimes take weeks for staff to put records through approval processes and gain the required signatures. Staff knew there had to be a way to eliminate the remaining paper and automate their manual approval processes, while also having the ability to integrate with their existing EHR system.

Department staff found a solution that met all their requirements through Digitech Systems reseller, D2Xchange. Together, in less than a day, they were able to implement and integrate PaperVision® Enterprise, an on-premise document management solution, to securely store patient records electronically in-house, and PaperFlow, to scan and index patient information into their current EHR system. Today, staff securely manages thousands of patient records in their new system, making it easy to respond to hundreds of information requests a month and audits are a breeze.

"I don’t know how we functioned before our EHR and PaperVision Enterprise. It is the source of our productivity and makes a world of difference. I have been doing this for 35 years and I can tell you that it has revolutionized our business."

- Sherry Engleman, Health Records Information Manager, AllHealth Network