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Welcome to the first installment of ‘Two Question Tuesday’ with Bryant Duhon of Infosource! This episode of Two Question Tuesday features Digitech Systems’ own Christina Robbins, who speaks on the topic of microservices.

Ready to bring your human resources department into the digital age?

Read this brochure to learn how the PaperVision® product suite can help you streamline processes and improve file security for your HR department.

Nathan Schwenke Named 2023 Difference Maker

Greenwood Village, CO – May 1, 2023 – ENX Magazine has selected Nathan Schwenke, Vice President (VP) of Customer Support at Digitech Systems, as a 2023 Difference Maker. This award recognizes individuals for extraordinary contributions to their employers and the information management industry.

The recent talent crunch in the IT industry has left us with the question of whether or not companies have control over hiring during a talent shortage or if they’re forced to simply chalk it up as an external factor and move on. This article provides an answer to the question as Digitech Systems CEO explains why hiring has more to do with your internal company culture than the number of available candidates.

Is your accounts payable department stuck in the paper age?

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Familiar with the term “composable technology?” This article from our own Christina Robbins will teach you about this new software architecture and how it’s likely to change sales, support, and even revenue patterns for resellers in the future. Prepare now and thrive!

Ready for a crash course in digitization and automation?

Tune into this webinar hosted by Digitech Systems’ Mike Randash! In this easy to understand session, Mike provides a summary to the Enterprise Content Management (ECM) cycle and its components. Mike also takies a more in-depth look into Robotic Process Automation (RPA) and the benefits to having a fully automated processing system. If you are a company or individual that experiences the headaches of misplaced data and documents this short webinar could be the answer to your problems!

Are routine office tasks hurting your healthcare services?

Ready to turn attention back to patient care? Look over this brochure to learn how digital records and automation improves patient care and services, simplifies compliance and gives you peace of mind over patient privacy and data security.

Time for a “how to…!” This roundup features a group of business leaders sharing their ideas and experiences on effective internal communication in the workplace. By the end of this quick read, you will be an expert on how to effectively grab the attention of your employees through verbal and written communication channels.