Since big data is expanding every minute in every industry, businesses are struggling to keep an efficient information lifecycle system to manage their critical data, documents, records, etc. Most companies are managing content with half paper-based, half electronic information, but this is not a sustainable or competitive solution in the face of information chaos. If you plan on adapting your business processes to meet the increasing pace of data growth and customer needs, a smart investment would be a System of Record (SoR).

A SoR is your single source for enterprise content management (ECM), and the foundation of any information lifecycle management (ILM). This diagram shows the stages of an efficient and adaptable information lifecycle, and is an easy-to-use guide through the ECM stages from collect and capture to retain and destroy. With a SoR, your company will:

  • Manage documents to reflect an organized, collaborative culture
  • Empower automation throughout business processes,
  • Securely maintain data integrity across all line of business (LOB) applications
  • Save money

Do you know how your critical information moves through your company? Is it secure and efficient? To learn more about specific benefits and features of a SoR information lifecycle, check out this helpful diagram!

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