How Does PaperVision® Enterprise Protect Your Student Records?

Limestone College manages 100-year-old records with PaperVision®Enterprise and rests easy knowing those documents are protected from disaster.

How Will ImageSilo® Protect Your Records From Natural Disaster?

Immediately after Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, the Isidore Newman School was able to access displaced students’ files via ImageSilo and provide them with the documentation they needed for enrollment at new schools.

Can You Find What You Need, When You Need It?

Law firms securely manage a massive volume of information, and Enterprise Content Management (ECM) solutions can speed access to critical records while protecting evidence integrity and save you money.

How Does PaperVision Enterprise® Enable Compliance For Canadian Education Institutions?

Avon Maitland District School Board freed hours of its Records Department’s time and is able to focus on more critical tasks with PaperVision® Enterprise.

How Will ImageSilo® Help Your School District Office?

Adams County School District 50 gained one day of productivity per week and improved efficiency with ImageSilo®!

How Can Automation Improve Your Retail Business’s Productivity?

PaperVision® Enterprise allows CAPCO Tile & Stone to find customer data faster, regaining hundreds of productivity hours each month.

Want to Streamline Records Management For Your Hospital?

ImageSilo® offers the University of Illinois Medical Center an automated comprehensive reporting and auditing structure, enabling staff to streamline processes.

How Can You Increase Staff Productivity in Your Healthcare Organization?

Community Reach Center eliminated thousands of dollars in annual offsite storage costs by automating processes.

How Does ImageSilo® Enable Compliance For Your Healthcare Organization?

ImageSilo® helped National Jewish Medical and Research Center improve information security in compliance with HIPAA regulations.

How Can Managing Patient Records Digitally Improve Productivity?

Frisbie Memorial Hospitals’ Health Information Management (HIM) department improves response time for patient information requests, increasing staff productivity and improving customer service.